Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Half a Year!!

So we have crossed the 6 month mark, hurrah! And so much has happened.....

Let's start with the world of eating. We started with some rice cereal at around five months. After tasting it, he made a face, it all dribbled out of his month, and then he opened his mouth up for more. Not a bad intro to food if you ask me.

Learning what to do with your tongue to push the food back is a big accomplishment. Here we are eating bananas (and yes, I mean "we" because whatever Isaac doesn't finish, I eat! And I actually have a new found appreciation for pureed food)

Here we are having a meal with our friend Hudson who is sitting safely in the Bumbo on the ground. (Hudson is 7 months and crawling so it is a feat for him to stay put.)

Speaking of Hudson, the boys celebrated their first New Year's together (we actually made it to midnight!). Here's a pic of them wearing their New Year's hats. This pic makes Isaac look the same size as Hudson when in reality, Hudson could crush Isaac.

Isaac and Matthias still hang out and now they can "play" together by grabbing at whatever toy the other one has. It's quite funny.

We had a little half-year birthday party for Isaac, Matthias, Hudson and Riley who were all born June-July.

Isaac also made his first trip to Boston to meet Carolina Maria Florez, the daughter of our dear friends, Jose and Lucia. She was born in October, and is an answer to lots of prayers. She is just beautiful and perfect in every way.

We also had Isaac's dedication at church on February 10th. It was a time for us to celebrate the gift that Isaac is to us and to ask God's help in raising him. It's also a way for us invite the support of family, friends and church in raising Isaac.

Lastly, Isaac is starting to really move. He can roll back and forth. And he not only moves backwards and around in circles (like he did for a long while), but now he can move forward! It doesn't look like what you think crawling is, watching it is like seeing a series of many uncoordinated movements that somehow propel him forward.
See the photos documenting his progression towards the toys.

As a side note, this Doctor Mama made her TV debut on the NYC CBS station for two medical news stories this week. Here are the links to them; be prepared to laugh. Good thing for makeup, the interview happened after a night where Isaac woke up every two hours. (Also, the fabulous office is not mine; we filmed it in the medical director's. My office looks more like a typical exam room.)

Questions Women Ask Their Doctors

Artificial Sweeteners

If the links don't work, the websites are:


Holly said...

Too cute! Love all this pics and update. He's going to be running soon! Like the new haircut Dan. Great job on the videos Su. Too cool!

James said...

watch out we have a new tv doctor on the landscape!

that was cool su, thanks for the links and the info...ima pass them on to yolanda:)

Maureen said...

Hi Su and Dan, These photos are great! Isaac is just too cute and so are his playmates. Thanks for the photo album. I wish I could cuddle the little guy. Visit soon, we miss you at Grace. Maureen

Flora said...

You are famous Su....I couldn't get the artificial sweetners clip to open up, but it reminded me of making "spriff" at Golden China...random combinations of all the coke products. Eric used to take it to a different level...adding soy sauce, whatever random condiments he could find, and tried to kill the fire ants at the back of the restaurant.

Love this blog...thanks for sharing your lives w/all of us!