Sunday, September 7, 2008

Isaac's Turned 1!

What a delinquent parent I am! I just realized I'm still working on Isaac's 1 year update and he's 14 months already! Dan says I should blame it on the chaos on Wall St., and the recession leading to production delays, but it's really more like mommy's extra work hours which are a bit removed from financial markets (thankfully). No more procrastination, will just have to forego the captions.

So we've hit the big one year mark!! Hurrah to Isaac! Hurrah to his parents who've survived the first year of parenthood! We have lots of pictures and lots of catching up to do.

Basically, Isaac is a very active toddler now who doesn't like his mom being on the computer, so these updates get harder to do.

So, these are general pics which include photos from 11-13 months, including some professional photos we had taken.

Here is Isaac doing his first chore around the house. We pay him in watermelons.

These are pics from Isaac's first birthday party! We had Marcia the Moose give a puppet show for the kids. As far as Isaac could figure, the puppets were the real deal! He had a blast.

Next we have pics from our trip to Arlington, Va in August. It was a nice minivacation and we had fun seeing old friends and visiting our old neighborhood.

Finally, we went to a wedding where we discovered that Isaac is a better dancer than both his parents. And he knows it. Check out the self-applause.

More photos from the wedding of Jen Lo (who was a crucial link to Dan and I's initial meeting).

Already...until next time! (Hopefully he won't be 2 yet...)


Holly said...

Oh my gosh, the pictures are great. You all look great. Cute haircut Su. Isaac is getting so big already. I can't believe it's been one year. Holy cow! I'm sure you can't either. :) Hope to see you some day soon. Miss you guys!

maxthecat said...

what is the story behind the watermelon head?