Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mega PhotoBlog Deluge

It's almost midnight and finally all 3 boys are asleep, the laundry is folded and I'm going to attempt to update this blog. After 7 months. This is a month by month photoblog. Which means no captions because Nathaniel would be 2 if I had to do captions before posting.

October 2009: Nate's 1st month! I forgot how tiny! Isaac/grandparents at Fall for Arts on Roosevelt Island, Apple & pumpkin picking, Hanging out with Meekers, Isaac's cool cardboard boat complete with US flag, visit from Isaac's godfather, Auntie May visiting, Isaac's art class, why is everything Isaac?? oh yeah, Nate is there too..sleeping, getting a bath, sleeping, yawning, being held, hanging out in the of a newborn.

November 2009: Nate's 1 month, Isaac checking his bro out with stethoscope, other great brother pictures, Nate with another baby friend both like floursacks (not a lot of pics here, parents obviously still getting used to having 2 kids)

December 2009: Another Auntie May visit! Rocking Horse Ranch with our godson Christopher and family, Train Show at Botanical Gardens, Christmas with both sets of grandparents

January 2010: Liberty science center, Isaac and a few special ladies from our building,
Nate's 3 months, Visit from Kezia and James (my college friends)

February 2010: Sledding, so fun! Best to go downhill with a friend and have daddy pull you back up! Tummy time for Nathaniel who's 3 months now!

March 2010: Grandparents, Fieldtrip to my clinic, Brother pics, First matching outfit (so cute, there will definitely be more!)

April 2010: Our trip to Jamaica at Franklyn D Resort (Taking advantage of Dan's time off between jobs!)


Holly said...

love the pics su. thanks for sharing!!

Flora said...

Everyone is growing up so fast! As usual, your pictures are awesome :)