Friday, August 10, 2007

Two weeks!

Isaac's first two weeks have passed by in a blur of feeds, diaper changes, and naps. We've enjoyed watching him adjust to life out of the womb. Over the two weeks, he's lost his umbilical cord, gotten his first bath, learned the power of his lungs, and has basically been a constant source of marvel for his parents. It will be interesting what memories stand out to us when we think back at these first days with our son. We hope these slideshows will provide a glimpse into our life with Isaac.
-To see captions to the pictures, click on the slideshow above; you will also get a larger pic.
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Here are some other cute photos:


James said...

painting of the birds in his room is really nice:)

Ali said...

He looks like Su here

Anonymous said...

He is very cute - just like his Mom and Dad! Best wishes! -- Cara and Dom