Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Arrival of Isaac

A week ago today, our son Isaac arrived into the world. This is our blog celebrating him and the friends and family that have been so loving and supportive.

This was the morning before we went to the hospital... Su is hard at work on Isaac's scrapbook, even after beginning contractions for several hours. Production of the scrapbook is definitely on hold!

Last minute packing of supplies. Note yellow Nalgene bottle that was used 24/7 through the hospital stay for keeping nice cold ice water, as well as Starbucks straws, some reading materials (not actually read), and lots of vitamin water (mostly consumed)

Driving to the hospital. The car service came pretty quickly and traffic was nice and quick at 9am on a Saturday morning.

At the hospital, our doula, Deb, met with us. She was great and so attentive and helpful throughout everything. From helping to make sure that Su was laboring effectively to helping to watch health monitors while we napped to even working as part of our self-service hospital care (during the early/mid parts of labor), she made everything much easier.

These are the monitors that they have in the hospital. The top line represents Isaac's heart rate and the bottom represents Su's contractions. About 50 minutes into the pushing, during the final phase of labor, the doctors noticed that Isaac's heartrate was dropping more than they were comfortable with, and we were presented with the options of either going for a C-section or a forceps delivery. Not a very hard choice.

Su was hurried into the operating room, and just about when Dan arrived, this little guy was held up for all to see!

First family picture

After 3 hours, we were admitted into our patient room in the maternity ward. Dad spending some time with Isaac, with Roosevelt Island in the background. We spent 5 days and 4 nights here.

Our recovery was definitely made easier by great people like the nurses and friends who stopped on by to encourage us.

Grandpa and Grandma Chen at the hospital to bring the family home

Su and Isaac as we get ready to leave.

Buckled in and ready for the adventure to begin


Jeou said...

I can see Isaac is a good golf player in the future. I can not wait to train him like Tiger Wood.

Gradpa Wang

James said...

wow what a wonderful journey from inside mommy to the world:)

watch out, issac xavier is in the building!


Esther said...

OHHHH i love this pic of him, soo cute :) ready for take off! :)