Monday, September 17, 2007

6 + 1 Weeks

Yes, this was supposed to be a 6 week update, but we are more than a week late now; hence the title.

Over the past few weeks Isaac has:

1) discovered that his hands and arms are great for sucking (he doesn't have the dexterity to stick his thumb in his mouth yet)

2) met his Auntie May and Uncle Stuart and many other relatives

3) occasionally smiled socially (in response to us making faces)- this of course, is a major highlight

4) survived the NYC subway several times now--with help of course. I'm learning how interesting it is to get a stroller down 3 flights of stairs when the elevator is out- it is crucial to have an entourage of 3 adults.

5) oh, and how could I forget, he's learned how to scream and shriek when he's really upset. it's a piercing sound and really quite pleasant.

6) First photo sitting- since Su's folks are still in town, we decided to do family photos. Isaac was great and actually smiled while he was being photographed. He looks far cuter than any of us.

7) Isaac has made a friend on Roosevelt Island! (Okay, maybe it's his mom that's met a friend on Roosevelt Island). Mathias is 4 days older than Isaac.

First Birthday as a Mom
Since I've been feeling like a planet that revolves around Isaac, I'd forgotten my birthday was coming up. Dan was so wonderful and planned a day for us in the city and arranged for my folks to watch Isaac. I got my haircut, we walked to Central Park, I successfully pumped in the park (made possible by my battery operated pump and the lovely Hooter Hider or Bebe Au Lait cover), and we had lunch at Jean George's Nougatine. That's my favorite restaurant, and we had planned to go there on July 28th, but Isaac decided to enter the world then).

Then, on top of it, he (along with mastermind Meekers) planned a surprise birthday party upon our return. I was so shocked when I opened the door to our place and saw the floor strewn with balloons and all these people squeezed into our little apartment! He's getting better and better at lying with each subsequent surprise birthday. Here are me and my two cakes:

Isaac's birthday gift to me
On my actual birthday, September 2nd, we went to church, then to the South Street Seaport for lunch, drove to Brooklyn to visit a family friend AND went out to dinner with the Unseths ALL WITH ISAAC IN TOW! It was amazing. It was a record 12 hours out of the house with him. Of course, we went through all of our 6 diapers and had to restock at Eckerds. He also went through all of his 2 extra outfits and was down to wearing just a shirt by the time we got home. We felt quite liberated that day.

Isaac's First Wedding
No, we haven't arranged his marriage yet. My cousin Edgar got married September 8th ,and we had a family reunion. Of course, we didn't get to see the actual wedding since Isaac decided to start crying right after the bride walked down the aisle, and we had to leave the area. I guess he was sad to see her off the market. Anyway, as soon as we finished soothing and feeding him, we heard the clapping as the newlyweds were announced. Sigh. We were with other parents who also had to extricate their noisemaking children- guess we should get used to this.

Other miscellaneous photos


maxthecat said...

Isaac has more pictures of him than he is days old. Maybe even more pictures than he is hours old. that is quite a feat.

Anonymous said...

I love reading the blog and seeing all of Isaac's faces. I especially like all of the captions! How funny! That's great that you are taking him out and seeing the world. I can't wait to see the pictures from today's one month party. - Cousin Pat

James said...

LOVE the little 52 days post-it that is so funny:)

awww so many pictures for so many days.....he is growing up fast becoming so expressive

its good to see that you got out of the house for a bit and were able to get back out into the city

alright comment getting kinda long here....haha

btw, enjoyed being there for the surprise birthday party

i have a little surprise as well to tell, but i'll get around to it when i see ya!

the white half of the black and white cookie
aka james

c said...

Welcome to Isaac Xavier Dean Chen.

I love reading the blog and seeing the pictures. He is toooooo cute a real heart breaker.