Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Two Months, Two Chins

On September 28th, Isaac celebrated his 2 month birthday while his Auntie May celebrated her 30th birthday.

Isaac's acquired a handsome double chin which requires extra special cleaning to prevent any smelly surprises. Yes, I know, this picture makes my son look like Buddha and he won't like me when he's older for posting it. But it highlights the chins which I'm sure can represent good fortune in the Chinese culture, as everything else seems to.

Here is one of his favorite positions, especially when he's gassy. Dan likes being able to lift weights while surfing the web.

I like the color orange and hence, Isaac gets to wear orange. Dan thinks it makes him look like a highway prison worker. But here you see, it actally makes him look like a pumpkin.

Our friend Meekers has a dog named Bear. Somehow we came up with the rule that Bear could come over once Isaac matched her weight of 9 pounds. Isaac has done so and now they're great friends. You can decide from the pictures of the faceoff whether he's as long as Bear.

This is Dad's idea of swaddling when it's 2 am and all our swaddling blankets are in the wash. (If you can't tell what's happening here; his pajama arms are tied up-- this lasted a whole 5 minutes before he wriggled free)

And here is Isaac with an older woman, Koryn. Koryn and Isaac's parents are currently in negotiations for an arranged marriage. Renata and I decided it make our lives so much easier in the future.

So maybe he's not ready for marriage yet. Especially not when I see this picture of him in the pouch. He loves his pouch. He's just happy sitting in it watching the world go by, and when he gets sleepy, we just tuck him in for a nap. I love this picture. I think we'll hold onto him for a while.

Here is the slideshow from the past few weeks. Enjoy.

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Holly said...

Thanks for the update and photos! I love seeing the photos. Keep 'em coming. I'm living vicariously through you guys. :)

James said...

loved the slideshow - isaac has some of the BEST faces i have ever seen on a baby - he is so silly:)

yeah you know kex and i had to rep the miami people lol

coolness y'all made it to the encampment...i was gonna try to get out there but it just didn't happen :P

hey the cellphone that was being compared was the mogul right? that's the one i want!

alright people, talk to y'all soon


Anonymous said...

Hey Su and Dan,
You have the best baby blog I've seen. Its cool to see Isaac grow...the captions make me laugh aloud. Thanks for sharing Isaac's world with all of us.