Sunday, November 4, 2007

Three Months

I know some of you are expecting an announcement that Isaac has 3 chins now. Sorry to disappoint. Actually, the picture of the double chin really exagerated the extra chin. Some folks were surprised when they actually saw Isaac in person; they said he was much bigger in pictures. Yes, he's larger than life in the blog.

Highlights from this month:
We took a weekend trip away- our first overnighter with Isaac. We went to the Hudson River Valley to see the leaves changing colors. Isaac was really great in the car (it has the effect of instant snooze on him). Having a baby makes you travel at a different pace. We found ourselves just absorbing the scenery while parked in various places so he could nurse.

Isaac had three outfits for Halloween. A few of them I got in Taiwan at a nightmarket when I was 24 weeks pregnant. I couldn't help it, they were so cute.
He was a bunny, dragon and a Milch Cow. (Milch is the result of bad Taiwanese spelling)

I Spy....

He really likes to look at objects now. This is a pic of him looking at his wall while getting changed.

3 Amigos
He's had many a play date with Hudson and Matthias now. They have a ball being together in their own little worlds.

Going to work with Mom

Here are pics from one of our visits to Mom's clinic. He was chatty the whole time. He loved all the attention from the ladies.

Tummy Time
My neck is getting stronger!!

Car trunk changing table:
He may consider this a low point but we thought it was quite smart. The car trunk is great because it's a flat surface for changing.

Daddy Dinosaur reading to baby dinosaur


Holly said...

oh he is so cute! i just want to pinch his chins, i mean, cheeks. too, too cute he is! i think those playdates are more mommy dates. sounds like you guys are having a ton of fun. thanks for sharing! i really enjoy these. hint, hint. :)

James said...

awwww okay isaac is simply pulling in award after award for cuteness!!!

maxthecat said...

Isaac is cute,big, and smiley. I can't wait to see him again!