Friday, June 12, 2009

Maybe I should make these semi-annual updates...
So here are pictures from our trip to Mexico in March. This was before H1N1 hit. At that time we only had to worry about drug cartel craziness. Glad we went when we did! We went with 2 families- my cousin Erling and my friend from residency, Caroline. It was a great time for kids and adults!

Here are pics from us announcing to our folks that Isaac is going to be a big brother! He's going to have a little brother to play with and hopefully not beat up too much. Baby is due early October-or maybe late September! Also, pics of Isaac's Catholic baptism (yes, he had a Protestant dedication before).

Over Memorial Day Weekend, we took Isaac to a farm in New Hampshire. We wanted to get him out of the city, see some animals in real life and breathe some non-city air. (Also in this set are pics of Isaac's godfather and our godson.) There are a few videos in this too-- if you double click and view it through Picasa, you can see the videos. There's a great one of the two boys snoring at the end- turn up the volume!


Holly said...

awesome pics! thanks for sharing. congratulations on the baby brother for isaac. good job! :)

Peter said...

waw, what a surprise ;-) congratulation