Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Two Years Old! (And about to be a big brother!)

Isaac has turned two! He's saying so much, and it's just a lot of fun watching him grow! Not that he hasn't also experienced some terrible two episodes, but for the most part, he's just really cute.

Here are July pics. We went to Arlington, VA for a short trip and saw old friends. I went to San Francisco for work, met up with May, went to a bridal shower and visited family. Isaac's bday was July 28th.

Pictures from August: Isaac's birthday party (we kept it small, just Roosevelt Island folk), trips to New Jersey, Sesame Place, Ocean Grove beach, and other assorted photos. (Dbl click to watch videos.)

Also, we did a commercial for Roosevelt Island that's been playing on Taxi TV in NYC. It's an unabashed plug for the island. You can see it at: http://www.riverwalkcourtnyc.com/testimonial01.html

So, we are due for child #2 any moment now. I'm 39 weeks and feel very fortunate that I get to update the blog before baby madness starts all over again (it all feels like borrowed time at this point). In some ways, the second time around is less scary and you know what to expect. But in other ways, doing it again with a toddler makes the whole thing a new experience.

We've been telling Isaac about having a "xiao di-di" or "little brother", and he has been kissing my belly, patting it, knocking on it to say hello to his brother. And he even brings toys or food to my belly when we talk about sharing with his brother. But I'm sure he can't possibly know how his life will change (and we can't predict what it means for us either). He is about to be dethroned as sole prince of the house to welcome another little prince into the family. We are going to do our best to give him as much attention as possible, but he will have to learn sharing to a whole new level!!

Anyway, we will post news of the new baby! We'll have to change the blog too since it will no longer be a blog just about Isaac...

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Holly said...

awesome pics and videos you guys! i can't believe isaac is two! you guys looks great. good job on the commercial su. congrats on the new little one coming soon. we miss you guys!